Book Experience: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Besides writing about online marketing I also want to share great books with you on this blog. So to kick off, I want to share my experience on one of the most important books I´ve ever read. Just ignore my spelling, I am kind of drunk and just wanted to blog, because I´m bored. This is no boring book review – I write about the book, but I also want to share my thoughts on other subjects within so I called it „Book Experience“.

What to learn from this book

To kick off you should start with „Rich Dad Poor Dad“ After that you can take a look at „Cashflow Quadrant“

1.) Don´t mistake your liabilities as assets.

This is one of the most important rules that book will teach you. Many people think that the where they live in is an asset.  JUST NO.

Asset: Something that consistantly brings you money (postive cashflow). Real estate is an asset class but that doesn´t mean that your house is considered as an asset. On average the house you live in just costs you money but doesn´t bring you anything unless you rent it out.

Same for cars, your car is no asset – period.

2.) You won´t get rich  beeing a pussy

Most people want to get rich with nearly no effort and low risk investments. Thats a wet dream my friend. If you want to get wealthy by investing money you can´t afford to be a pussy. Normally you have to take higher risk for higher opportunity. And you should be able to deal with loosing money. On the way to the first million dollars, or whatever´s your goal you will have some great investments that allow you to make some mistakes.

3. The box you think of outside is too small.

The book tells you that you have to think outside the box to become financially free. Hmm, at least you have to get rid off the normal standard life bullshit people still believe in. When it comes to how to make money everybody has a tip for you… Go to college, work hard, get a job, work 100 hours a week to get promoted… Blablaba.

You might have heard of „Think outside the Box“. That sentence is real, but it´s not enough. You have to think outside the standard bullshit scheme but more importantly you have to think BIG. Like really big. When I get asked what´s my plan for my future I answer with „My dream is to build a company that helps 1 billion people in the next 20 years“ – People just smile and come up with stupid questions. But you just HAVE TO think big to become big – this is described in another book called „The Magic of Thinking Big“ by David J. Schwartz (Book ecperience is on the line).

In my opinion the most MagicOfThinkingBigimportant thing when it comes to making money is YOU. There is no fucking get rich quick scheme. So if your nature is to take risks you should think about investing in high risk asset classes while still remembering all numbers, you have to think rather pessimistic than optimistic when it comes to investing and stocks. This also aplies for start ups, if you´re a risktaker you might have thought about building your own company. I´ll write more about start ups on this blog in the future.

4. Learning has to become your quicky.  😉

I remember when my history professor told us „When you want to get better grades I have 3 tips for you: 1. Learn — 2. Learn — 3. Learn“. Weither if you want to get sucessfull in business or in life you have to learn and you have to learn how to learn faster. Grab a topic that´s relevant for your business, get the skill and go to the next one. „The slower we move the faster we die.“  This quote is from George Clooney (Movie: Up in the Air) but in this case it promotes my argument. If you want to get sucessfull read as much as you can. the average human being reads 1 book a year – highly sucessfull people read 48 books a year ón average. Grab a book and learn, for you, to become more ecperienced and smarter. There are tons of great books out there. Mail me if you want to get a small list of my favorites.

The first book you should read is a book on speed reading!

To sum up:

The book is 243 sites so it´s not too long.
The book is 243 sites so it´s not to long.

For sure there are some more points in the book „Rich Dad, Poor Dad“, just read it or listen to it as an audiobook. By the way Kiyosaki writes that our school system sucks when it comes to making money – that´s true. The author also was criticised for making up the story of having two dads – If you really care about this fact you didn´t understand anything. I don´t care if his story is real – The book is great and I liked it a lot.

PS: I read this book when I had to wait 5 hours for my flight in Zürich (Switzerland), so it´s not to hard to read.