Free Amazon Niche Site Building Cource – How to build a niche site that sells. #1

Hi, as you might know there are many marketers out there who want to sell you their Amazon Niche Site System, nothing false with that but I would like to help you for free.

You need more than a simple 10 step list to really build a website, so this post might take a while to read.

Basic Steps:

1. Niche Site Research

If this is the first niche website you´re going to build just start with something you really like. So if there is a sport you like, take a product niche and think about it. But of course you have to do some research, otherwise you would burn money very fast.

The basic formula:
VKP(Sales Price) *   X% commision  = Y€/Sale
Searchvolume  (Short + Long) * 0,5 = Traffic
 Traffic * 0,3 = CTR
CTR * 0,5 = CVR


This formula is not made up by myself, it´s from Markus Laue. He´s a trusted affiliate marketer in Germany, if you´re speaking german you can follow him on Facebook for more tips.


You want to sell camerabags

Your VKP is 30$ * 6% commission from Amazon = 1,80$ per Sale

Search Volume for the key „camera bag“  12.100 * 0,5 = 6050 Visitors a month

6050 * 0,3 = 1810 clicks to Amazon

1810* 0,5 = 907 Sales

907*1,80 = 1632$ revenue per month

 Important: This is just an example, the market for cameras and camerabags is extremely competitive, the example is just a simple calculation and you should never trust too much on your calculations.  BUT it´s a good way to see if your niche is big enough to make money from it.

Tool of the trade:

Google Keyword Planner
Next Step: Domain:

Just go to your hoster, if you don´t have one, I would recommend Bluehost (No affiliate Link!) – but just go with the one you trust. Now you have to find a domain, and that´s not so easy.

How to check for domains:

1. Start with your mainkey ->

2. Frankly your short keyword domain won´t be available, now you can try variations like:


But don´t go with misspelled stuff. And always look at .com. if not .com go .net -> .org. .info .

There is a really nice tool to find domains a lot easier -> – there are tons of filters. Start with searching normal expired domains, if there´s nothing that fits your niche go to the markets tab. It´s easy to use, so I believe that you´ll be able to find a domain without a complete documentation of the tool.
I hope this first short post could help you. Next post of the „Amazon Niche Site“ documentation will come soon. Have a nice day, don´t forget to have fun 😉