5 Steps to SMART New Year Resolutions

Hi, I hope you´re fine. The new year starts in 2 days and so I wanted to tell you how to set your new year resolutions smart. This is very important. Almost everyone wants to achieve something in 2016 and they set resoltions for 2016. But most people do it wrong – they just HOPE to change something. Like „I want to quit smoking“ ; „Do more sport, eat healthier“ blablabla.

The 5 Steps to really achieve your goal

1. Plan. Who fails to plan plans to fail.

You need a plan. Most people have something on their mind what they want to change, but they just kind of want it. You need to write your goals down and plan how to achieve your goal. Every goal needs milestones. So for example you want to lose weight. Write down what you want to do to lose weight, how will you do it, and what are your milestones. There´s one huge end goal but to achieve your milestones will motivate you to stick to your training / diet.

2. You care about your personal environment

Don´t do something just to be respected by others, this rule also counts for new year resolutions. Take something you really care about, no matter how crazy your goal or resolution for 2016 might be. If it´s important enough for you personally it´s a lot easier for you to stay strong and really change something.

3. Set your goals too high

Goals should be ambitious but you need to be realistic. You won´t lose 100 pounds in 1 month, you won´t earn 1 million dollars in one month etc. Your goal should be set high enough so you want to achieve ir but it shouldn´t demotivate you. If you set it to high it would be easy for you to quit because you´ll tell yourself „it doesn´t matter if I stick to it, it´s impossible“

4. Set your goal too low

As I mentioned your goal / resolution has to be realistic but don´t lie to yourself. Your personal goal has to be ambitious enough for you, that the achievement of it would change something in your life. If your goal is too easy to achieve and doesn´t have an impact in your life you just won´t do anything.

5. Start date – Back to Step 1 – Planning is everything

Of course everyone wants to start at 1.1. 2016 – but let´s be honest. After new years eve, laying on your floor – no good point to start from. Set a fixed time, this starting point should be written down in your execution plan. Like for me it´s 3rd January.

Of course there are many other points but I think the 5 points above are the most important ones. Have a nice 2016.