16 Things you can learn from Suits – Harvey Specter

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I am sure many of you are familiar with „Suits“. For those of you who aren´t you can find the plot here. (Wikipedia). Suits is very inspiring, most of all Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is a great role model. Even though it´s a dramatic plot you can take a lot away from the characters.

Top Learnings from Harvey Specter

Win battles outside the court.

Try to win your battles before they where fought. Going to court is very expensive and takes time, try to find a solution besides going to court. I know most of you don´t have to think about criminal cases or whatsoever on a day to day base but it´s also a good tip for non-Lawyers. Try to go for the long run, think about which problems could occur in the future instead of just trying to fix a problem for the moment.

Take risks

You have to take risks to become successful. From the outside all of those multi billion dollar company success stories might seem easy, but man did those founder take risks.

Don´t be a pussy – Try to win big instead of trying to loose small

Most of the people out there don´t know what they are able to achieve. Think big, and also try to win big. You have to loose sometimes to become successful but don´t be afraid of making decisions. (Quote from the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger)


Take responsibility

You are the only person who is responsible for your failures, this might seem hard – but you are also responsible for all the positive things in your life. When you manage to take responsibility for your actions you are a winner.

Don´t ask for permission

You won´t achieve anything if you always go by the rules. Take risk, and of course it´s much better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

Be emotionally intelligent

Most people try to think and act logical but it´s not always easy as that. The human being is emotionally driven, so it´s better to play the man – not the odds.

Dress to impress

This might seem not important to you – But it is. Even if you´re no Lawyer you should care about your impression on other people. There´s a very interesting case study from Neil Patel on how the outfit influences your impression on other people and also the business.

Master to read people

As I mentioned before, we are emotionally driven. If you master to read people and their reactions you can achieve everything.

Stay cool

I know this one is pretty obvious. But it´s important to stay cool and calm when there´s a problem. Also if those blowups are funny in TV shows they won´t help you in real live. Meditation can be a great way to stay cool and stop to overreact to small problems.suits_2

Get shit done (Do what´s necessary)

As Mark Zuckerberg said „Done is better than perfect.“ – This is just it. You have to work your butt off (Arnold again) and do what´s necessary to become successful. Doing what necessary doesn´t mean that you have to commit a crime (like in movies), but it means that you have to make hard decisions and also do stuff you don´t like. The book „Eat that Frog“ offers some great solutions in becoming better with that.

Have a life outside of the office (Have hobbies)

Work is important, but don´t forget to have a private life. Also do thing´s just because they are fun.

Don´t lie. Just don´t

Many people think that lying would protect others from the truth but it just does not. Most of the times lies make things even worse.

Be proud of yourself

Don´t underestimate yourself. Sometimes it´s good to be cocky – You are good at what you do, so why don´t you talk about it?

Study your competition

Some books like Zero to One mention that competition is the worst thing that could happen to your business, but in some industries it´s necessary. You have to study and know your competition to be able to crush it.

Fake it till you make it

Business has a lot to do with being self-confident. Also if you are a complete rookie to a field, there´s no reason why anybody should know or feel that. Be open for tipps and learn everyday. Everybody has to start somewhere.

Fix problems instead of talking about them

It´s easy to worry about problems and to talk about them all day long, instead of talking why don´t you try to fix them? It´s way more fun to talk about solutions.

Seasons 6 of Suits airs this summer.